Our philosophy

Bread is perhaps one of our favourite things to eat, not just as a bakery but as a nation. It is a real shame that it is overlooked so often. You can go for a lovely meal, but the bread served at the beginning may be stale or mass produced, setting the wrong mood for the night. For something that is such a tradition, we employ traditional baking methods of using long fermentation dough.

But what does this mean?

This means that each loaf takes a total of two days to make, from start to finish. The dough is made on one day, given the opportunity to ferment over night, and then shaped and baked the next day. Our range of sourdough loaves consist of no more than three ingredients: flour, water and salt… just as it should be.

Using a humble range of ingredients that you know and can trust, our products are tailored to be high in flavour and quality without compromising on the health and digestibility benefits.

We are currently a wholesale bakery in Tring, supplying local businesses with a range of artisan bread and viennoiserie, such as croissants, pain au chocolat, cinnamon knots etc. You can find out where you can pick up one of our loaves here.